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Hello! I'm Nupur, a digital designer & a researcher born & raised in India, currently living in Luxembourg and soon relocating to London! I love to travel, explore diverse cultures, food and way of life! Even while growing up in India, I have lived, studied & worked in different cities in the country, thriving best in diversity. As a designer who has worked on UI/UX, Research, Digital & Industrial Product Design for 6+ years, I have multi-faceted understanding of design and experience of working with people from varied backgrounds.

I recently completed MS in Digital Design in Amsterdam to further broaden my grasp & skillset on the subject. The Master has evolved my understanding of designing digital experiences by employing a situated & evidence-based approach to solve problems. Digital product design with its vast scope, takes its nuances from technology, design, business, psychology, and story-telling making it immensely cross functional and intriguing. This metamorphosis of nuanced complexity into simple solutions aspires me as a designer. 


I want to create work that is...

INQUISITIVE– Work that reflects how much I love to ask questions and make people want to know more. 

CONNECTED – Work that is situated to its context, user needs & connects varied nuances to create holistic experiences

ETHICAL – Work that considers an effect on real people & the environment by evaluating the consequences of design decisions

INCLUSIVE – Work that is secure, accessible and enable people of varied backgrounds and abilities.


As a designer, I'm adept in...

UX STRATEGY- Solving complex problems

by being mindful of user needs, business expectations and able to take holistic design decisions

UX RESEARCH- Exploring inventive research methods and situated design practices

VISUAL DESIGN- Crafting strong artistic visions to communicate relevant visual story telling, enhancing user experience


EVIDENCE BASED APPROACH- Practising research based design supported by clear and credible evidence


I am currently...


Luxembourg...soon relocating to London


P5js, webflow and mindfulness


Conversations over long walks

Taking care of my plants




Taking a break from work to further explore myself as a designer :)

I'm looking for Product  /  UI-UX  /  Digital Designer  /  UX Researcher opportunities in London. If you are interested to know more about me and my work, please reach out to me! Or, if you just want to say Hi!, I am always up for an interesting conversation :)

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