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SCAN MY TEST: Designing for healthcare

HvA research  |  Streeklab Haarlem

UI/UX Designer | Researcher | Illustrator

6 weeks

User Research | UI/UX Design | User testing | Mobile app design

Gonçalo Melo |
Marianna Bonellou | Nina Floor Post | Nupur Priya


During covid times we discovered how important it is to stay in touch with each other. As a community, we want to go back to the way it was before. Meeting other people without any fear. We have two weapons against the pandemic, one is vaccination and the other one is frequently testing. To go back to life and not having the numbers rise again, it is important that we test our self. But how can we rely on that if we don’t no for sure how to read our result on the test? 

SELF TESTING, *when done correctly can offer us an extra layer of protection, relieve the healthcare system and ultimately, help contain the spread of the virus.

The sensitivity of antigen self tests is often questioned and studies performed by pharmaceutical companies 70% and independent bodies show that antigen self-tests can be a valuable tool to work alongside the golden standard PCR if *the test is performed correctly and users can interpret the result precisely.

Brief from client

Streaklab Haarlem and the HvA research developed an algorithm to solve the interpretation issue by analysing a picture of the test strip. This created a need to make a digital tool to incorporate the algorithm and an opportunity to try to tackle the other problem, that of taking the test wrong. The key focus of the brief was to use digital technologies to streamline the process of Covid self-testing in a way that is clear, inclusive and is less uncertain. ScanMytest should incorporate ways to empower people, make it accessible and easier for people to include

self-testing who might otherwise be excluded from taking care of their own health.

Refined brief​

ScanMytest is a digital tool that can be used by everyone but primarily focuses on elderly persons (60-80 years) by assisting them to take a COVID-19 Antigen self-test and also helps to interpret the result by scanning the test strip. The tool also provide the possibility of sharing the test result with a doctor or the GGD. The result will be shared anonymously and only with a broader location. During the course of research, we identified seniors between 60-80 as key target group. After referring to scientific papers and clinical experts, it was evident that seniors perform the test less well but are a large demographic which is likely to perform the test on their own. Our client Alex from Streeklab Haarlem helped us with technical guidance while Jurjen from HvA research helped us with information on algorithm (developed to interpret test result) & technical product aspects of the product. The schema below provides an overview of the project, key research findings, opportunities and features of ScanMytest app.