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Hi there!  I'm Nupur, a  digital designer & a researcher curious about how people and objects connect to create shared and meaningful experiences. I strive to design products that delight people and empower them in their everyday lives.


With: HotBox food and Innovation catalyzer

Project HotBox Plus is a request by Hotbox food, a company based in Italy that created an IoT powered mobile oven that maintains food humidity and temperature between 65 and 85°C so that customers receive high-quality food and restaurants can benefit too by making multiple deliveries in a single trip. We created Hotbox Plus applications as digital companion to the Hotbox oven to help managers and riders optimize and deliver delightful food experiences. 

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With: HvA Research and Streeklab Haarlem

ScanMytest is a guided self-testing App for Covid19 Antigen tests that can be be used by everyone but primarily focuses on elderly persons (60-80 years) by assisting them to take a COVID-19 antigen seft-test. Scanning the test strip using the app will also help users to interpret realiable results.


With: ARCAM (Amsterdam centre for Architecture)

Rising water levels are a real threat to the future of Amsterdam and the rest of the world. Studying the past to find solutions for the future may be the key to tackling the crisis which is already at our doorstep. To enable this, we created a two part installation piece which visualised data from the past and predictions of the future using two models and video stories.

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With: Creative Media for Social Change (CMFSC)

With inclusivity being critical for any research process, Creative Media for Social Change (CMFSC) research lab wanted to explore possible insights on how participant focus groups can be more inclusive. The inclusivity project called the ‘ADD ON’ should focus on creating a guideline and a resource library to aid CMFSC researchers in their process.


With: Learning Community Urban Interaction Design

The Learning Community Urban Interaction Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences called on individuals to create and submit a provocatype (provocative + prototype) based on one of the speculative scenarios in this open call. A selection of chosen artefacts would be exhibited at the ‘Imagining the Unimaginable’ event at SPUI25 in Amsterdam and published in an accompanying magazine.


With over 6 years of professional design experience, I recently completed MS in Digital Design in Amsterdam to further broaden my digital design skillset & understanding. Working across diverse disciplines has enabled me to bring versatile perspectives to  solve complex challenges & problems.

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